How to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite (2020)

How to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite (2020). We have to be honest, we have all ever wanted to get free money in Fortnite, but we have never known what all the possibilities are. The most famous Battle Royale currency like that of any other video game, costs a certain number of physical money that we rarely manage to invest. Who wouldn’t want free skins and battle passes?

At the moment, we can all play Fortnite without having to invest a single euro, even without paying the Battle Pass we have the opportunity to complete missions and win a few rewards but, we all want turkeys to go to the last with our exclusive skins what Epic Games gives us. Therefore, today we bring you the most legal and easy way to get free turkeys in Fortnite.

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Get free V-Bucks in Fortnite playing

How to get free turkeys in Fortnite

One of the easiest and slowest ways to get turkeys for free, is simply playing the game. When completing challenges, we will gain experience for our Battle Pass where we will obtain rewards, in this case 100 bucks on various occasions, until we get a few thousand coins. In this way, the Battle Pass for the following Season could be free.

To level up much faster, we recommend playing in a somewhat aggressive way since the more enemies we eliminate, the more experience we will get. Opening a lot of chests and ammo boxes also grants us a great deal of experience. After all, playing a lot is the most important thing and what Epic Games wants us to do. Even so, we recommend that you complete all the weekly and daily challenges, since they will provide you with a large amount of experience that will make us overcome the levels of our battle pass quickly and efficiently, thus receiving the different prizes that this season includes, such as Exclusive skins, dances, turkeys and much more.

Get free V-Bucks with Twitch

How to get free turkeys in FortniteHow to get free turkeys in Fortnite

Thanks to the union between Fortnite and Twitch, called Creators’ Challenge, we have the opportunity to get several rewards such as more free turkeys for the famous Battle Royale. In this case, after linking our Epic Games account with Twitch, we will have to choose one of the content creators that we will always support. After completing this step, we will simply have to complete the challenges that appear to unlock the rewards such as playing a certain number of games in Solitaire mode in Fortnite, or seeing x minutes of the selected content creator live.

Free turkey generator

Free turkey generators are currently one of the most effective ways to earn free money for Fortnite and Battle Passes on both Xbox, PC, PlayStation, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. In this case we talk about the website systematics, a very easy and useful way to generate V-Bucks through a hack which connects via an API to the official Epic Games server.

Get free V-Bucks through Save the World mode

How to get free turkeys in FortniteHow to get free turkeys in Fortnite

This somewhat less popular mode in Fortnite also offers us a large number of turkeys, all of them free. With daily challenges and simply logging in every day, we will get varied rewards. You know, win free money in Fortnite Legally, it is not that complicated, although it does require time and a small initial investment. Of course, when you have thousands of bucks in your account, you will appreciate it.

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Finally, another interesting method by which we can get free V-Bucks in Fortnite is by completing missions in Save the World mode. Some of these missions have turkeys as a reward, so that simply by playing we can increase our pocket of virtual money to get new skins, dances and much more through the Fortnite store.

How to get free turkeys in FortniteHow to get free turkeys in Fortnite

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