[How-To] How to Move Old iPhone Data to iPhone 13 (Update 2021)

For those who bought a new iPhone The team has come to update.How to move all data on old iPhone to new iPhone Easy to follow, complete information!

How to Migrate Old iPhone to New iPhone (Update 2021)

Easily move all the data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone without losing any data. Move everything back and forth exactly as it was on the old device.

Things to sand before migration

1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be turned on on the old iPhone first.

2. Moving SIM and e-SIM

For a nano SIM, you can move the SIM from the old device to the new one after the migration is complete. Or you can move it before moving the data as well.

For those who use e-SIM, please move all data to the new device first. Then take your new iPhone to the cellular service center we use to request a new e-SIM.

3. If Activated the device, must delete all data in the new device first.

If our device has been Activated and is able to use the device or access the Home screen, then delete all data on the new device before moving the data.

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings.

Steps to move data from old iPhone to new device

1. Place the old iPhone and the new iPhone close to each other.

2. Select the language on the new iPhone (recommended to set it to Thai) or English at your convenience)

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3. Then a “Set Up New iPhone” window will pop up, tap on “Unlock to continue” and you will be prompted to enter your password to unlock your old device.

4. Bring the old iPhone to scan to the new iPhone.

  • Pick up your old iPhone. Then scan it with the blue circle symbol that appears on the new device. by aligning them to the specified circle

  • If your old iPhone’s camera has a problem can’t scan Tap on the word “Authenticate yourself” and then enter the 6-digit passcode on your new iPhone.

After that, your new iPhone will ask for your old iPhone passcode, so enter it.

5. Set up FaceID successfully.

It is recommended to set up FaceID now. Tap “Continue” and then tap “Let’s get started” and scan our faces down as instructed.

6. The new iPhone will show the transfer time period, tap on “Continue”.

If we have about 100GB of data on the old device, it will take approximately 1 hour to transfer.

7. Tap “Accept” the terms and conditions.

8. After that, you will see a page that says “Set up this device as your new iPhone.” We are going to migrate all the old data. Whether all apps and data on the old device And set everything on the old device to the new iPhone, tap on “Continue”.

9.Then you will see the “Always update your iPhone” page, tap on “Continue”.

10. The system will offer us to buy iCloud space to back up important data if you don’t want to buy on this page. Tap on the word “Not now” to skip ahead. (can go buy later)

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11. When the new iPhone says “Preparing to transfer…” In the meantime, if we have a lot of data, plug in the battery charger. Because it may take quite a long time. Depending on how much data we have in the old device

12. Wait until the data transfer is complete. There will be an approximate time to tell. To follow the instructions, place both iPhones close to each other and plug in the charger cable.

13. When the transfer is complete, the old iPhone will notify you. “Data Transfer Successfully” and the new iPhone will take us to the Home screen and automatically load the apps that were on the old device into the new device for us.

14. While waiting for a new device, download the app. We can use the old device without having to put it next to each other all the time. The old device can still be used normally.

15. When the app is finished downloading, in some apps, when you press us, such as the LINE app or the bank app. will ask us to fill in new information to log in Then it can be used.

That’s it, all data, whether it’s an app. Settings, including important data such as photos and contacts, will be moved to your new iPhone without losing any data.

Watch a video tutorial on how to move iPhone data from old device to new device.

Read more settings information.

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