How to Join an Unanswered WhatsApp Group Video Call

NKRIKU, Jakarta – The WhatsApp application has recently released a new feature called “Joinable Call”. This application serves to join a group call even though it has been missed.

2. If you can’t join, please click “ignore”. Meanwhile, to open the call info screen, please click “join”.

3. Then when the call info screen appears, the user can observe the list of call participants and view other invitees.

4. Tap the “join” feature to enter the call.

5. Then while still in a call session, click the “open” feature to view other call info screens.

6. Then press “add participant” to add people to join the call.

7. Finally, click the “call” feature to send notifications to users who will be invited.

After that the way to join the missed WhatsApp group call is as follows:

1. Open WhatsApp, then tap the “call” menu.

2. If the call is still in progress, WhatsApp users can tap it to enter, then a call info screen will appear.

3. From the video call menu, you can directly click “join”.


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