How to know if hackers spy on your WhatsApp after the attack?


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With the recent announcement of Whatsapp who found a failure in his system, with which the data more than one thousand 500 million users by means of a malicious software which allows the spy hacker mobile phones, the doubt that remains is Am I at risk after this attack?

In an interview with Business Insider, an expert from the antivirus company Symantec stated that there is no way to detect whether your Whatsapp was infected by the spy softwarebut you can get clues to find out if yours mobile phone it turned out affected, regardless of whether it is android or iPhone.

"What you can identify are some changes in your phone, like faster battery consumption or if it overheats more than normal. This could mean that he sends and receives a lot of information ", said the expert, Domingo Guerra.

For users of iPhone, war recommended the use of the application Time on the Apple screen to see which applications are most used and to identify unusual behaviors. However, he said that the most reliable way to distinguish if there is an "intruder" on the phone is to recognize thing applications consume more data and battery.

"Applications running in the background may not appear in the Time on the screentherefore analyzing data usage could be crucial because an increase in data transfer can be a sign that something is wrong".

On the other hand, Whatsapp recommended its millions of users install the latest version of the app and keep mobile phones updated on the operating system.

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