When we consider the possibility of undergoing a process of weight loss, a wide range of possibilities opens up before us. If our idea is to search the internet we will find millions of weight loss tricks that promise great results in no time and with little effort, something that should lead us to doubt such diets.

But there are many other possibilities: nutrition experts agree that following a healthy and healthy diet and combine it with sports habitual is the best solution to lose the weight that we have left. A combination that, beyond serving for a certain period of time, should become a daily habit to guarantee the figure in the long term.


Products high in saturated fat or refined carbohydrates and high in calories can boycott our weight loss plan

But what if the secret was as simple as follow the most common diet in Spain? New studies reveal that the Mediterranean diet is the basis to achieve weight loss, but also to lengthen our life expectancies. And it makes perfect sense: Spain is, after Japan, the country with the highest life expectancy in the world.

Mediterranean diet to lose weight

Countries like France, Italy or Greece share the Mediterranean with Spain, but also the food they bring to their tables. Peoples that for years have shared a diet based on the fruits and vegetables, in eating fish and in olive oil, the best fat that we can ingest for the benefit of our body. Without forgetting legumes, cereals and natural products that have been established in our diet for centuries.

Fruits, vegetables and healthy fats such as those from fish and olive oil are the basis of the Mediterranean diet

This Mediterranean diet is not only ideal for living for many years, but it is also very suitable for losing weight. The fact of replace butters and less healthy oils with olive oil, the use of aromatic herbs and spices instead of salt or not eating large amounts of red meat are factors that make this diet one of the most recommended by nutritionists.

In fact, the British public health service, the NHS, notes that “the Mediterranean diet has been linked to good health, including a healthier heart.” Therefore, many experts relate a diet rich in healthy fats such as those from olive oil, blue fish or fruits such as avocado in basic to take care of the heart.

Fruits, vegetables and fish, the basis of the Mediterranean diet (Photo: iStock)Fruits, vegetables and fish, the basis of the Mediterranean diet (Photo: iStock)
Fruits, vegetables and fish, the basis of the Mediterranean diet (Photo: iStock)

People who follow the Mediterranean diet live, on average, more years and have lower risk of developing disease like diabetes, but also other conditions such as cholesterol or hypertension that can cause cardiovascular disease. Something that has even been confirmed by a recent study by the American College of Cardiology.

What to eat to lose weight

The food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet recommends eating many fruits and vegetables, lots of fish and nuts, and whole grains. In addition, it also allows the consumption of red wine, so it is not necessary to completely eliminate alcohol from our diet when we try to lose weight, as it happens with other weight loss processes.


A handful of nuts every day is indicated in any weight loss plan for its magnificent nutritional qualities

What the Mediterranean diet does is eliminate sugary drinks such as soft drinks and artificial juices, recommending tea and coffee instead. And if what we are looking for is to lose weight, the ultimate goal will be consume more calories than we consume daily; It is what is known as caloric deficit and to achieve it it will not be necessary to count calories, but to go outside.

The Mediterranean town is famous for being cheerful, fun, eager to go outside to live together with family, friends or neighbors. That’s one way to cut calories: playing sports, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Walk, stroll, lead a less sedentary life It is one of the formulas to lose weight half a kilo a week, a good mean to lose weight in the long term.

Spain shares with the Mediterranean countries its own culture in which food is a meeting point

Scientists consulted by the British newspaper Express agree that the Mediterranean diet helps not to overeat, one of the reasons that boycott the weight loss plans of many people. Eating healthy and healthy, doing so in moderation and living a Mediterranean lifestyle, not very sedentary, is the basis for losing weight in the long term and, in addition, increasing life expectancy. What more could you want?


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