Banco de Venezuela is one of the largest banking entities in our country, so we believe it is convenient to carry out a detailed guide to such an important process.

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08:31 AM / 19/09/2020

If what you are looking for is to quickly make your payments online, or check the account statement, or request a new credit card. Today we will explain how to download and make a Mobile Payment from Banco de Venezuela in an easy way, step by step.

What is Mobile Payment and why does it facilitate day-to-day management in banks?

It is not news that today banks carry out different online procedures to avoid long lines at banks and thus be able to offer a better service, also taking into account that the Bank of Venezuela is one of the largest banking entities in our country by That is why we believe it is convenient to carry out a detailed guide to such an important process.

The Bank of Venezuela makes its own application available called “Mobile Payment” and you can download it from the Play Store, it’s free.

Some of the characteristics of the new smartphone application is that, among other things, it allows bank transfers to be made to different mobile users, as well as transfers to any member of the Mobile Payment system. We recommend that you download the apk for Android to your cell phone and thus see the multiple options it offers.

Steps to perform to make a mobile payment from the application

You write from your cell phone an SMS or text message to the recipient 2662 with the following body of the message:

PAY + (space) + First 4 digits of the account to be transferred + (space) + CELLULAR NUMBER OF THE BENEFICIARY + (space) + CEDULA / PASSPORT OF THE BENEFICIARY + (space) + AMOUNT

very easy? Yes, it is really very easy to carry out the operation and it is all we need to make a transfer.

Why should you download the mobile payment application?

Although we believe that it may be a bit tedious to carry out the entire apk registration process with the bank of Venezuela, especially for elderly users, it has many advantages. Also taking into account that we are in a pandemic time and take care of ourselves, avoiding long lines and crowds outside the bank is essential.

Some of the sales are the queries to be made once obtained and complying with the registration process, among them we can name account queries, such as the status of our account and the balance of it, check our credit cards, even if we have credits available and in what state is the latter. The transfers made and received will help us in a very simple way to be clear about what we have made. Different payments such as service payment, credit card payment and mobile payment explained in previous steps. In addition, the application has a service that in case of emergency you can block all your cards or you can activate it if it is the first time you use it. And to finish we can name the requests for coordinate cards for example or credinomia, travel notifications, etc.

If you liked our guide you can find many tutorials on the website of where they really make it very simple with step-by-step tutorials.

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