How to Make Hazard Lights on Motorcycles, So Warning Signs

How to make a hazard light on a motorcycle is important for you to understand. The hazard light itself has a function that is no less important for you to know.

This light is a sign that the vehicle is in trouble. By turning on the hazard lights, the vehicle will pull over first to check for problematic components.

The use of hazard lights also allows other motorists to be more careful so that no unwanted things happen.

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Tutorial How to Make Hazard Lights on Motorcycles

Seeing how important hazard lights are in vehicles, it is necessary to understand how to make them. Check the following reviews.

  1. The first step you need to do is find the flasher position in the vehicle. If you use an automatic motor, the flasher can be found on the front deck. It can also be near the battery.
  2. If you have found the flasher, then you can remove it from the socket.
  3. Then you can replace the standard motor flasher with a car flasher. Alternatively, you can also use a flasher with a higher power.
  4. The next step, you can design the switch.
  5. You open the motor head in front.
  6. Pay attention to the hazard switch cable which generally consists of 3 wires. You can connect the cable to the motor signal cable, which usually has 3 cables.
  7. When it is completely connected, then this step is complete.

In how to make a hazard light on this motorbike, you can first check whether it is functioning optimally or not.

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The trick, you see if you hear a knock or not when you turn on your turn signal.

Flasher is successfully installed properly, usually the sound is heard.

In addition, the flasher also flashes. The position of the flasher itself is different on each motorcycle.

You can detect the presence of the flasher when the motorcycle is on. If all the steps you take give the desired results, then you can close the motorcycle head again.

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Hazard Light Function

In addition to how to make a hazard light on a motorcycle, also understand its function. As discussed earlier, hazard lights are very important in their function.

To find out in more detail, see the review below.

Warning signs

One of the functions of the hazard lights on a motorcycle is as a warning sign. For example, if the motorcycle you are driving is in trouble, you can turn on the hazard lights.

In such an emergency situation, other motorists will reduce the speed of the motorcycle.

You can also minimize traffic accidents thanks to the use of hazard lights.

This one function is clearly beneficial, both for you and other riders. Safety and security in driving can be guaranteed properly.

Use During Emergency Situation

Another function of the hazard light is that you use it in an emergency situation.

When you turn on the hazard lights, it is the same as telling other drivers that your vehicle has stopped due to an emergency.

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For example, being involved in a traffic accident, a tire burst so you have to replace it, breaking down, or other emergency situations.

By using and utilizing hazard lights, you have also complied with the applicable rules. Therefore, understand how to make hazard lights on a motorcycle.

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Doesn’t work when the weather is bad

Not a few motorcycle users are misguided by the use of hazard lights.

When the weather is bad, such as thick fog or heavy rain, you should not turn on the hazard lights. Why is that?

Turning on the hazard lights will certainly make it difficult to turn on the turn signal when turning. This clearly endangers the safety of yourself and other motorists.

It would be better to drive carefully when facing bad weather.

If visibility is disturbed due to rain and fog, just turn on the main light.

This lamp has a bright level of lighting that supports vision. Especially at night.

Other motorists can understand and realize this. Therefore, make sure you use the hazard lights as needed. You need to do this for mutual safety on the highway.

In order to support safety in driving, it is important to learn how to make hazard lights on motorcycles.

Also understand its function in order to make optimal use of hazard lights. Even in the application of its function, you should not turn on the hazard lights when entering the tunnel or just a procession. (R10/HR-Online)

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