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First the emojis and now the stickers. These charts have become the sensation of messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Since its use was allowed, users have managed to exploit their imagination and in conversations its application is increasingly common. However, Do you know how to organize them? Here we tell you a little tip.

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Due to their popularity and that they allow to better represent the feelings or expressions, the stickers have invaded the chats in message services. However, the opportunity to share, create and save them without any restrictions has also caused a problem: their organization, so sometimes finding one that you want to use is quite time consuming.

Currently, the only way to save lThe stickers in WhatsApp conversations is by adding them to favorites and the ones most used by users are ‘stored’ in the clock icon, but to maintain order the download of a external app, como Sticker Maker.

In addition to allowing users to create stickers, applications like the one mentioned (or others) give the opportunity to save them in a binder call “pack”, So there is the solution: create folders with a specific theme and there save those that are created.

He accommodate the stickers that are manufactured in the different “packs” It will allow the favorites section to be less crowded and, therefore, finding the right one for a specific moment will be easier.

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