How to Overcome Anosmia or Loss of Smell Due to Covid-19 Virus Infection According to Doctor’s Recommendations

SURYA.CO.ID – How to overcome the loss of the sense of smell or anosmia due to disturbances in the nose as recommended by the doctor. Just to note, loss of smell or anosmia be one of the symptoms of someone infected with Covid-19.

Described by dr. Santi, who is a doctor at the Kompas Gramedia Medical Center, in Youtube Sonora ID, Wednesday (30/6/2021), Anosmia is caused by a viral or other bacterial infection that attacks the respiratory tract.

Anosmia can also be caused by disorders in the nose caused by tumors, allergies, or exposure to other harmful chemicals.

He also explained that anosmia This is different from the loss of smell that results from a cold or a stuffy nose. If someone has a cold or stuffy nose, the sense of smell is still there, though not as strong as when you’re not having a cold.

“In anosmia (the ability to smell) is completely lost, so whatever you put it doesn’t smell,” he said.

Doctor Santi said that anosmia What happens to a Covid-19 patient will recover in 28 days. But usually will heal in a short time.

“On average, one to 21 days has been completed,” he said.

In mild conditions, he explained that anosmia does not require special treatment and the patient’s sense of smell can return to normal.

Because anosmia occurs not due to nerve damage but nerve supporting tissue.

Tips for Overcoming Anosmia

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