How to Overcome Tingling due to Cholesterol, Not Always with Drugs


JAKARTA – How to overcome the tingling effect cholesterol , one of them by taking drugs. Tingling which in medical paresthesia language itself can be caused by various conditions.

In general, tingling This occurs because of a blockage or restriction of blood flow to the nerve area. This often occurs when sitting for too long with bent legs, leaning on one side only, or sleeping in an inappropriate position.

However, tingling can also be an indication of high cholesterol levels in the blood. The reason is, high cholesterol levels can cause blood flow to become thick and less smooth.

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If this is left unchecked, it can lead to more fatal risks, such as heart disease.

So, how to deal with tingling due to cholesterol? Doctor Ellysabet Dian said that the way to deal with tingling due to cholesterol that can be done is to take statin drugs such as simvastatin.

“Treatment can be done by giving statin drugs such as simvastatin. Massage in general will not cause changes or only temporary because the main cause is not treated,” said Dr. Ellysabet Dian, as quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia from Alodokter, Tuesday (11/23/2021).

Therefore, Dr. Dian suggests making some efforts so that your total cholesterol, LDL and TG levels decrease. The first way to overcome tingling due to cholesterol is to cultivate good habits to continue to be active and exercise regularly.

You can overcome the tingling by exercising regularly, because exercise can help increase metabolism and improve blood circulation. In addition, exercise can also get rid of bad cholesterol levels in the body (LDL), while increasing levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

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