How to Paint Your Own Car Bumper at Home with the Right Technique

How to paint a car bumper itself can actually be done by anyone. In fact you may be one of them. Having a car with an attractive appearance and the right color is everyone’s choice.

Sometimes with long use, the color of the body paint and the bumper of the car is dull. So not a few car owners who replace the paint with a new color.

This gives the impression of bright colors and looks like new. In addition to applying new paint, usually car owners also replace it with another color. The appearance will not be boring.

When you decide to do the painting yourself, it’s a good idea to find out what the right technique is. With the right technique, the body color and bumper don’t look striped.

Painting the bumper of a car is not the same as painting the body. Because, usually the bumper is made of plastic. So it can not be directly overwritten paint just like that.

That’s the reason why body paint and bumper are different colors. You can also apply how to paint your own car bumper if the technique is right.

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Guide How to Paint Your Own Car Bumper So Tno striped

The process of painting on a car bumper can indeed be spelled out using the right technique. You need to do this for good results.

The first way you need to do is that the process must use PP primer or primary plastic liquid.

If you don’t apply this material, the bumper color will fade for 2-3 months. Even the color of the bumper will actually turn yellow.

PP primer itself is a liquid in the form of water that can be used as a plastic material. The function of PP primer is a plastic base coating material. Its function is to underlie the coating before the bumper is painted.

If you paint the bumper without using it, the paint will peel off easily. Therefore, when you want to do it use the right technique.

Using Basic Techniques

The first way to paint your own car bumper is to use the basic technique using PP primer. So that the paint color will not peel off. Because the plastic bumper has a different technique from painting the body.

After the basic application stage, then use the epoxy. Do not let you skip the use of epoxy because without it it will make the paint look striped.

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So, don’t let you do a basic paint job, then just overwrite the bumper paint. You have to use the epoxy first. After applying PP primer, epoxy, proceed with the application of bumper paint.

So the paint will remain durable and not fade. We recommend that if you want to do the painting yourself, you can find out which technique is right for you to do.

Things to Pay Attention to Before Painting

Before you do the painting, you should pay attention to some important things. Because this step you need to do so that the painting results can run well and maximally.

There are a few things you should know before practicing how to paint a car bumper yourself.

  • Sand the bumper evenly with a size of 1500.
  • Don’t forget to wash the bumper that you are going to paint and dry in direct sunlight.
  • Prepare the epoxy for application after the PP primer. To make the painting look perfect, you can use white or gray to start the basic painting.
  • We recommend painting in an open area so that sunlight can directly hit the painting position. However, you should avoid painting in dusty locations. Because dust makes the paint color less neat.
  • After the base paint is dry, sand it until the result is maximum. Do it slowly so that the base color of the paint can be more evenly distributed.
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Last Stage of Painting

How to paint a car bumper yourself is easy as long as you know the right technique when painting. After painting, you can do the varnish stage.

You can do the varnish stage with a note that the painting is really dry. This helps you get a good painting result. So that the bumper paint color will also last a long time.

You can do this by mixing the varnish and hardener components. Do not jump so that the spray can be applied evenly. When you’re done, you can let it dry completely.

Then you can do the polishing process so that the color is more shiny like a new car. That’s why you should know how to paint a car bumper yourself at home. (R10/HR-Online/Editor-Eva)

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