He retograming It is all the rage and one of the axes of the movement that nostalgic players drive is NES, the console that Nintendo released in the mid 80′s. Can a platform video game with almost 40 years of experience offering good times of fun? How to compete with the latest generation consoles, now that we await the arrival of the brand new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X?

Perhaps the answer must be sought in sheer nostalgia. That is to say, Playing NES titles today could be the habit of those who enjoyed those installments in childhood and now they return to them with a “romantic” look, remembering those good times. However, there are many centennials that, even having been born in the era of flat screen televisions, high definition games and virtual reality, they are trapped in those super pixelated universes.

In this note from TN Tecno we review the characteristics of some of the best NES emulators for Windows. Yes, that product appeared in 1983 still alive and kicking despite being discontinued in 1995 to make way for other Nintendo products.

NES on Windows: the best emulators

If you want to play Super Mario Bros, Megaman, The Legend of Zelda or the first deliveries of Donkey Kong It is possible to do it in the middle of 2020, even without having a preserved and working NES. Emulators come to the rescue: they are easy to install, they are free, and they have ideal features for seamless fun., even adding features such as the ability to save games.

This is what the original NES looked like, which appeared on the market in 1983, first in Japan.By: (Photo: Pexels)

One of the best known options in this world is VirtuaNS, which stands out for having a simple interface and for offering up to ten save points per game. In practice, it is possible to store the advance in any instance. For example, if in Super Mario Bros. you reach the last levels with few lives, this function will serve to avoid having to start the adventure from scratch. The emulator has no more official support from its developer, although it is updated to run on Windows 10.

Another good option is Nestopia, which is one of the most used in this field. It is an open source emulator and therefore receives new functions and features on a regular basis, thanks to the community that constantly improves it. One of its most prominent tricks is the ability to change the speed of the games.

FCEUX is another well-known name among NES emulators. Also open source, it has tools designed for professional users (for example the ability to make maps or record an entire game) and also for casual players. According to its creators it is an “all-in-one emulator”. The insiders They say that it is one of the most complete alternatives that can be obtained. Another interesting fact: it has an option that allows you to play with other users on the network, something that could not be done with the original NES.

On Windows computers, it is possible to recreate the experience of video games that Nintendo released more than three decades ago.
On Windows computers, it is possible to recreate the experience of video games that Nintendo released more than three decades ago.By: (Foto: Pixabay)

You can also use other options such as MyNES, which is somewhat simpler in relation to the aforementioned options; RetroARCH, which is more advanced and includes many customization variables, although its installation is somewhat complex; or jNES, an ideal alternative for those who simply want to open the games and get to work, without more laps or difficult settings.

In all cases, it will be a matter of getting the ROMs (in this world it is games, as if it were many cartridges stored in a Windows folder) and unleashing the fun.


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