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How to process the new movement permit that governs quarantine

According to what was reported by the Ministry of the Interior early this Sunday, those who carry out essential tasks had to request a new authorization from Monday to move in any area of ​​the national territory.

This is a permit that will be requested by security agents who carry out controls on routes, highways and accesses to the Federal Capital and other major cities in the country.

“Those who are complying with the isolation should not carry out the new permit, but require minimal and essential trips to stock up on cleaning supplies, medicines and food,” they clarified.

On the other hand, service workers with exceptions linked to health services and who use vehicles for the development of their activities, will have at their disposal the option “Wafer for vehicles affected by the Health Service”, which must be displayed on the windshield. of the vehicle to be able to move, in order to facilitate and accelerate its circulation.

In the afternoon of this Sunday, the Ministry of Transport decided to extend the validity of the old permits until Wednesday April 1. The decision was made in response to the large number of queries the website had and which made it difficult to download the new form.

How to manage it

The first thing the worker must do is access the complete list of essential personnel excepted compliance with the “social, preventive and compulsory isolation” and the prohibition to move.

The second step is to enter the website of Distance Procedures to formally start online management, following the steps below:

1. Enter and register with ID or username and password of AFIP

2. Complete in the keyword search “Application for a Single Certificate for Circulation – Emergency COVID-19”.

3. Click on “Start procedure”.

4. Complete the form with the requested personal data and click “Save”.

5. Then select the button “Confirm procedure” and wait to receive a File Number.

6. Then, to obtain the certificate, after having received the File Number, you must go to the “My procedures” tab located on the upper edge of the screen, select the “Finished” option located on the left margin of the website and double-click on the procedure in question.

7. Finally, once located on the document “Permit to circulate”, in the column “Action” you must select the option “View”, indicated with the symbol of an eye. There you can open the document that is downloaded to view the permit.


Cordoba’s Minister of Security, Alfonso Mosquera, said that Cordoba adheres to this new system implemented by the Nation, however he pointed out that the Province will continue to receive the old authorizations until the national page works correctly.

“This aims to order the circulation as of March 31. However, this page immediately collapsed yesterday. The authorizations will not be repealed until there is a fluid authorization system,” he stressed in dialogue with Miter radio.

The site collapsed

The website to process the Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation (CUHC), which will be required by the authorities as of Wednesday in the framework of the mandatory isolation by the coronavirus, is down due to the large number of visits received, so the Authorities asked that only those who? are excepted? of the restriction.

This is the site

The Secretary of Public Innovation, Micaela Sánchez Malcolm, explained that since this new provision was published in the Official Gazette “there were peaks of 80,000 simultaneous consultations”. For this reason, he added, “the system collapsed, as happens with traffic at the entrance to the city or ATMs.”

Malcom, in dialogue with TN, and clarified that they worked overnight on the servers so that they have a better response. In addition, he requested that only those who are exempt from the movement restriction use the platform.



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