How to quickly clean the baseboard: sublime make-up, zero effort

With some simple methods we can obtain clean and shiny skirting boards: all the steps to follow.

Baseboards, how many of you leave out the cleaning of this space? Many, but you know that these tend to accumulate a lot dirt. It is not enough, therefore, to pass the vacuum cleaner and the motion very close, but it is recommended to deep clean it at least once a week. This practice costs effort, of course, but we absolutely cannot fail to do so.

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To make the situation worse not only the dirt, but also the fact that the skirting boards “inhabit” practically the whole room casa. And therefore, the question arises, is there a method to clean them without wasting endless minutes? The answer is: certainly! Living in cleanliness gives a sense of serenity, open the door and find fresh smell it will make us feel better immediately. But let’s get right back to the methods for cleaning our baseboards.

I vary methods

Let’s get down to business and talk about all the methods. First, let’s pay attention, especially to the material of which our skirting board is made, such as: wood o ceramic. If we are not sure, we check before choosing the technique and the solution to prepare.

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The ingredients we need to use are olive oil e vinegar: below where and how to use these two products.

Let’s start immediately by saying, however, that we absolutely must not use vinegar for baseboards marblethe reason is simple they could damage it. Therefore, for a delicate surface we always opt for a non-aggressive product, such as: Marseille soap.

While, if our skirting board is made of wood, we use: olive oil, vinegar e water.

First we prepare the solution and add:

  • Two glasses of water;
  • Half a glass of white vinegar;
  • Half a glass of olive oil.

We mix everything for a few minutes (maximum two) and now we are ready to pass it on our skirting boards. After this operation, let’s prepare one bowl of hot waterthis will serve to rinse the affected area after a few minutes.

Olive oil (Photo from Canva) – L’

If we don’t want to use these two methods, we can opt for the traditional method, in this case let’s use a microfiber cloth and we use Marseille soap e water. With patience and elbow grease rub the affected points, repeat the operation twice and the dirt as if by magic will be gone. Let’s pay attention to the baseboards, because they could be “shelters” for ants e insectstherefore the cleaner the area is, the more their arrival can be counteracted.

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