How to quickly download the Fortnite 7.00 update –


The new season of Fortnite has just been launched and we know how frustrating it can be to wait for your console to download an update and stop you from playing.

But do not worry, we've got some tips to help you speed up the process of downloading Fortnite updates.

PS4 :

1: Pause and resume the download : It seems strange, but sometimes speeds up downloads.

2: Change your DNS settings : Changing DNS settings in Google's public DNS would help many players speed up downloads. Go to your network settings, "Set up your Internet connection". Choose your DNS manually and enter the following parameters: Primary DNS, Secondary DNS:

3: Rest mode : It's a trick that seems to work for many, just put your console in sleep mode. To do so, go to Power Save Settings and set the available features in idle mode, and then on the system, enable automatic downloads. Now activate the inactive mode and go back hoping that the download is finished.

Xbox One :

1: Close all open games and applications : To increase the download speed, you must close all open applications and games.

2: Avoid downloading MAJ as soon as it is released : To avoid downloading the update at the same time to all the other people, the more people download the update at the same time, the more time it will take.

3: Change your DNS settings : As with PS4, changing the DNS settings can increase the download speed. Go to network settings, Network tab -> Network settings -> Advanced settings -> DNS settings -> Manual, then as PS4, Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:


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