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How to raise a complaint of excessive charge on receipt of light?

Settlers and entrepreneurs at least five states in the country have denounced since the end of may, a rise unjustified in the rates of their receipts from light by the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE), but what to do if you have a complaint, where and how to file a complaint. Here we will explain to you what is the procedure.

  • The users claim that they have received rate increases of up to 50%. The complaint comes from entities such as Sinaloa, Yucatan, Puebla, Chiapas, and Tabasco.

For its part, the CFE admitted that there were increases in receipts of light as a side-effect of the social isolation by the COVID-19, according to the agency, this was due to a increased consumer use of electronic devices, which usually represents 15% of the normal billing of customers, but with the pandemic has been concentrated to 80%.

How to raise a complaint for excessive collection of light?

If you think that the collection of your electric service does not correspond to the consumption madeanyone can file a complaint for review. It is important to know that the service is free and is done in two ways:

  1. Face-to-face
  2. Online

If it is face-to-face places where to go

Face-to-face you can do so at any of the centres of attention of the CFE. On-line you can locate the nearest one. You just have to place:


If you need to do it from home you can do it online.

You just have to have your “Service number“, which comes in to top left of the receipt of light.

It has a section to place your e-mail and put the comments.

After performing the procedure it is important to write down the complaint number for that you can follow up.

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