How to recover WhatsApp messages after deleting them

Everyone downloads the WhatsApp program through the Google Play Store, as it is one of the global means of communication, and the holder of the first place on all messaging and conversation programs around the world, and it is very easy and fast in a striking manner, and therefore everyone prefers to use it, and in this report we will present to you the ways in which It can help in retrieval of WhatsApp messages that were previously deleted in detail.

How to recover WhatsApp messages after deleting them

recover whatsapp messages
recover whatsapp messages

You can retrieve and restore private messages very easily by taking easy steps and stimulating it without feeling any anxiety or fear about losing these messages. You retrieve the messages, or you have factory reset the phone, because this is more effort to retrieve, and needs other methods, and here are the ways to retrieve messages that have been deleted, which are as follows:

First method

You can use this method if you have deleted the program incorrectly, or if you mean to, but you do not have to be afraid of this matter as all conversations are kept in your phone’s internal memory, and you can retrieve them easier than expected is as follows:

  • Open the file manager by clicking on the file manager tab on the main screen.
  • Looking for internal storage, you cannot use the phone’s storage.
  • You search for the new file that includes WhatsApp, and then you have to click on it and choose media and photos for all conversations, videos, and photos, very easily.
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The second method

The second way to retrieve WhatsApp messages, which is that the main WhatsApp website stores all conversations automatically inside the file of each user, and it is stored inside special servers for storage through the Internet via the official website, and you can recover all deleted messages using these are the easy steps and they are as follows:

  • You go to the store and search for WhatsApp and install the program on the phone.
  • You enter all the data that was previously requested and registered in WhatsApp, by typing your email address that was used during registration.
  • You write the phone number that was previously registered inside the application that you deleted.
  • You have to wait a bit for a confirmation message, and it only takes a few minutes.
  • You type the code correctly for it and it opens the scanned application.
  • A message appears in the program asking you if you want to restore the copy that was previously kept, then you click on the word restore.
  • You wait for a few minutes until you see all the deleted messages, photos, and videos in front of you.

Third method

As for the third method, if you cannot get any data or a backup copy of WhatsApp messages to the databases, it will be the ideal solution for you, so after you coordinate, the messages are retrieved and here is the method, which is as follows:

  • You have to download the following program, EaseUs, and this is a magical program that recovers WhatsApp messages after they have been completely deleted.
  • You install the program on your phone according to the natural and recognized methods, and then open the phone’s memory directly to those methods that you use through the Android phone.
  • After that, you open the recovery mode and choose Storage and then View device files, and then you will see your device’s memory clearly on your computer and then check the recovery.
  • Choose the phone memory that contains all the deleted messages, then press the erase button.
  • You have to wait for the scan to finish and look for your file that you need to recover over the search box on the top right of the program.
  • You search for the word crypt, and if you find in front of you the results of the backup copy of WhatsApp messages, then you have succeeded in recovering your messages, and all you need to do is to take a copy of the folder for the databases mentioned.
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With this, the matter ended about talking about how to retrieve WhatsApp messages after deleting them and the different methods related to recovery, whether through different applications or through the phone. Each method depends on the situation and the reason for deleting the messages.

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