How to remove stalks from your car with vinegar and coconut oil

Something that has happened to more than one driver is that they find slight scratches or scratches on their car, and this can be very annoying, especially when you have just washed your car and these marks are more noticeable than are made with daily use, to avoid that they stay there are two ingredients that will help you and that you can find in your cupboard.

A hack that very few know is that by mixing vinegar and coconut oil you can make a special liquid to remove the stems from your car, this way you do not need a specialized product that costs too much money and you end up using only a little. Here we tell you how to do it step by step.

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How to make a special liquid to remove stems from your car without damaging them?

To make this popular hack that has even appeared on platforms like Tiktok and Facebook, you only need vinegar and coconut oil, something that many Mexicans have on hand in their pantry, here we tell you the measures:

  • Half a cup of vinegar
  • Half a cup of coconut oil
  • a small bowl
  • A clean, dry cloth

Procedure to remove stems from your car

  • First you must mix the vinegar and oil in a bowl, stirring slowly until a thick liquid remains.
  • With the cloth, apply the mixture to where you see the heel and with circular movements taya gently until the mark is removed.
  • And ready with this simple trick you can remove scratches from your car without buying extra fluids and they can be too expensive.
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This mixture does not do any harm to cars as it is a trick that is commonly seen in tiktok and YouTube videos, where it is even shown in real time how the mixture is made and applied to the car, thus removing scratches without staining the paint.

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