How to report cheating Fall Guys players

Tired of finding yourself cheats on Fall Guys for PS4 and PC? We explain how to report them to Mediatonic so that they take the corresponding measures.

With the good-natured look of Fall Guys and his “eggs with eyes”, few could imagine that the game is the target of cheats and “cheaters”. But it is like this. As in any other competitive multiplayer game, there are users who use tricks and modifications to win the rounds.

Unfortunately, if you run into one of those players, there is nothing you can do in the game. But yes you can report them to Mediatonic for developers to take appropriate action.

How to report cheating Fall Guys players

There is a web page enabled for that. For this, you need proof. Through this link you can contact Mediatonic to resolve any issue. Under “Type of Issue,” select Cheater. Describe (in English) the problem, and accompany it with a video or photograph to demonstrate it.

You will also need your support ID (you will find it at the bottom left of the options menu).

To capture video or images on PS4, use the Share button. Press it twice in a row to save a video clip from the last 15 minutes, or press and hold to save a screenshot. Press it once to open the menu where you can save the media, which you can then extract with a USB.

To capture video or images on PC, you can use various external applications, although Steam can take screenshots by pressing F12.

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