How to send a WhatsApp message without using your hands


In this age of technology, the use of Whatsapp It is essential We use the application to send messages instead of a phone call because it is easier and more convenient.

However, sometimes it is difficult to send and reply to messages because you have busy hands, but, if you didn't know it, you can send a WhatsApp message without using your hands.

To achieve this, mobile phone it can be at a distance from you or you can do it through the speakerphone system.

You just have to follow the following steps:

Mobile phones with the Android operating system have included the assistant Google, this will be responsible for helping us send the message without using your hands. The first thing we should do is say the words "OK Google", then the assistant is activated and a beep is emitted.

When this command is activated, we can say "Send a WhatsApp message". The assistant will ask who we want to send the message to and we will have to pronounce the name of the contact to whom we want to send it.

Later, the assistant will ask us what the message is and we can dictate it. The assistant will repeat the message and, if it is OK, we will order it only to "send" it or, if necessary, "modify" it to modify the content.

Finally, the message has been sent and, when you have time to check the sending of the message Google Assistant tells you who and what message was sent.

In the case of iPhone It is something like this. Apple's assistant is Siri and will be the one that will help us send the message without using your hands.

The only order we should say is "Siri, send a message to WhatsApp to …", we say the name to which we will send the message. We give the message, we confirm it and, if everything is correct, we only indicate that it sends the message.



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