How to update EMUI to its latest version on your Huawei mobile

We will explain to you how to update your Huawei mobile to a new version of EMUI, taking advantage of the fact that today the what’s new in EMUI 11 and we have already been able to prove it. Operating system updates usually always arrive automatically, but if it doesn’t, here are the steps you have to take to check for updates by hand.

I must remind you that we already have a generic article on update Android to the latest version, but this is specific to Huawei customization layer, which has a different design. We have tested it to update to EMUI 11, although this is a version that will still take time to reach other devices, and the steps are valid for other versions.

Update EMUI by hand

The first thing you have to do is enter the Android settings in the Huawei customization layer. For this there are two ways. You can click on the icon Settings, which look like a standalone app. And you can also lower the screen where the notifications appear by sliding your finger from the top of the screen down, and there press the cogwheel button.

System And Updates

When you are inside the EMUI settings, you have to go down and click on the option System and updates. You are going to have it at the bottom of everything, in second to last place. You will see it with a blue icon on the left where the silhouette of a mobile and a gear wheel appear.

Software update

Once you are inside System and updates, now you have to click on the option Software update. Here there is no loss, because at the moment it is the first option that will appear on the screen.


Inside the screen Software update, usually when you enter, it will automatically start looking for updates. And if it doesn’t, you should just press the button Search for updates that you have at the bottom. As you can see in the screenshot, if a new version appears, it will be shown on the screen.

Download and install

When you find the update you can click on it, and you will go to the panel with the information about the new version of EMUI. The only thing left for you to do here is press the button download and install to start downloading the update, which when finished will restart the mobile to install it. This process can take a long time, so do it when you are not going to need your mobile.

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