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How to use split screen on an iPad for multitasking

What is and what is Split View on an iPad?

We commented at the beginning of the iPad’s approach to tasks further away from multimedia consumption or Internet browsing, for which they had always been focused and can continue to do so. Depending on the range of iPad that is chosen, we can get devices equal to and even more powerful than some computers and for low-end professional actions such as office applications or heavier ones such as photo or video editing.

The iPadOS operating system has done a lot for boost productivity and although we still cannot place windows anywhere as in a computer, it is possible to be viewing and using two apps at the same time and this is what is done with the Split View. From iPadOS 13 it is also possible to use this split screen functionality even with a single app, this being very useful to have two text documents or two browser windows, for example.

Enable split screen on an iPad

To access this function, it is not necessary to activate any setting, since it is activated by default and therefore it is not possible to deactivate it. Of course, you should know that one of the apps should be in the application dock. With this in mind, you must follow these steps:

  • Open one of the applications that you want to use in split screen and that is not the one in the dock (if both are in the dock, nothing happens).
  • Make the dock appear by sliding your finger from the bottom of the screen.
  • Press and drag the icon of the app you want to open in split screen to the left or right.

It’s that easy and that simple to open apps. The issue that one of them should be in the dock can be an inconvenience in some cases, but you can always add folders to this space to have access to a greater number of applications.

IPad split screen

It is remarkable that both applications are functional and can be used at the same time. For example, these lines are being written while I can navigate Safari in the other window.

Resize or undo multitasking

By default you will see that the two open applications occupy exactly half of the screen each. This can be changed if you slide to one side or the other on the tab that appears right in the division of the two apps. In fact, in this way it is also possible to re-occupy the entire screen with a single app if you slide the part of the app that you want to keep completely to one side.

You can have up to 3 apps at the same time

This function is less known than the previous one despite the fact that it was already introduced with iPadOS 13. And it is that you can have the double window mentioned above and add a third application on the screen that overlaps the other two. The format in which this sale will be seen is as if it were an iPhone, both by interface and by the way it can be closed.

Three applications at once iPad

It is very useful for sporadic consultations if you do not want to stop what you are doing. It is even possible to use it with just one window open. The negative part is that while using this new window it is not possible to interact with the other two. To open an app in this way you must do the following:

  • Open the application dock.
  • Select the icon of the app you want to open and slide it only to the middle of the screen.
  • Move it anywhere on the screen by dragging with your finger. To close it, slide up the line that appears below.


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