How to use the new tool for WhatsApp?

  • The chatbot allows users of the messaging platform to transcribe the voice notes they receive

The rise of tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) continues around the world. In recent months, users have experienced more facilities to use different platforms such as Open AI ChatGPT, where texts can be generated; and others like Midjourney, which allow you to create images.

Now, these types of tools have been transferred to messaging platforms, as is the case with LuzIA, a new chatbot that works in a similar way to ChatGPT. This allows the use of this artificial intelligence in WhatsApp as if it were a contact. Among its features, audio transcription stands out, a feature for which it has become popular.

This bot, created by three Spaniards, Álvaro Martínez Higes, Javier Andrés and Carlos Pérez, has hundreds of thousands of users in more than 40 countries and has generated more than 5 million responses, according to what was reviewed in The vanguard.

“(The success) shows that people are looking forward to using the full potential that artificial intelligence brings to expand their abilities and improve their lives. They just need a simple and secure way to access them,” said Javier Andrés, Marketing Director and co-founder of the company in a statement.

how the chatbot works

The Spanish entrepreneurs explained that LuzIA has the ability to answer questions, transcribe audio, translate hundreds of languages, and generate images in real time, “with the protection of privacy and security as a banner.”

Unlike the competition, LuzIA uses Stable Duffusion technology to be able to generate images based on texts, as its creators recently stated in a statement.

“It is a functionality that substantially distinguishes us from the rest of the AI ​​assistants in the world and that we have called ‘Imagine’, since to start using it we only have to go to the assistant heading the command with ‘Imagine…’ and it will generate the photograph that we have requested with the elements that we want ”, Javier Andrés detailed in the letter.

He emphasized that with this function they want to ratify their commitment to ease of use with the aim of placing artificial intelligence “within everyone’s reach”.

How to use LuzIA?

To use this artificial intelligence, the user must access the website of LuzIA through a mobile device and select the “Try it now” option. Subsequently, a notice will appear to add LuzIA’s contact and thus start the conversation on WhatsApp.

The user does not need to provide any personal data. This is because LuzIA obeys a rigorous privacy and security policy. “We understand that to gain the trust of our users we must safeguard their information, provide secure and reliable solutions,” Javier Andrés asserted.

Users will be able to chat with the bot as if it were a person. The responses provided by the chatbot are concise and fluent.

I am LuzIA, your intelligent personal assistant. I answer all your questions in text and audio in any language, I also help you paint what you imagine. Try sending me an audio (…) or tell me imagine followed by what you want me to draw”, indicates the chatbot when asked what it is.

Some information portals have tested LuzIA’s ability to transcribe and it has performed the task without errors. “Curiously, we asked LuzIA if she had this ability and she said no, but moments later we sent her a voice message and she transcribed it perfectly,” reads the publication of The vanguard.

However, the El Diario team ran a transcription test and the chatbot responded: “I’m sorry, but I currently don’t have the ability to transcribe a voice test. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Like the ChatGPT, the intelligent personal assistant has the ability to answer questions and dig deeper into the topics being covered. These functions could be verified, as well as the translations and the creation of images.

The founders highlighted that this assistant is “complemented with a social function”, because the tool allows a person with a hearing disability to access WhatsApp voice messages thanks to artificial intelligence and can also help simplify texts so that they are understood by people with disabilities.

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