How to use your iPhone Memoji as WhatsApp or Telegram stickers

There are no ways to express what we think through messaging applications, even without the need to write words: just send an audio, an Emoji or a sticker, for example. And there are countless styles, designs and types for those stickers, but none like ours, those that we have created. So since the iPhone allows you to easily create the stickers, why not send them via WhatsApp?

The Memojis, those personalized stickers created from a personal Animoji, are perfect to express emotions through the application IOS Messages. They integrate perfectly, just a couple of presses are enough to send them and the system creates a wide range of expressions to fit in all the possibilities. And the best thing is that it is possible to use them in other applications apart from Messages, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and others.

Send your own stickers from the iPhone

Memoji Stickers Whatsapp Steps to create a new Memoji

Animoji have been growing in number since Apple first introduced them in iOS 11 along with the iPhone X, the first official device capable of using them. And with iOS 12 came the Memoji, some customizable avatars from which the system automatically creates stickers. These stickers and stickers can be attached to Apple applications and also to third-party apps since the company activated compatibility in August of last year.

Let’s get into the matter: how to use personalized stickers with our face in messaging applications like WhatsApp? Let’s take a deep look at the process.

  • First you have to create the Memoji. To do this, look for the Messages application on your iPhone, click on add new message and then on the Animoji icon, the monkey that appears above the keyboard.
  • Scroll the animal Animoji until you see the ‘+’ on the left, where it says ‘New Memoji’. Click there.
  • Create your avatar according to your preferences. Choose the type of face, hair, glasses and what clothes the Memoji will wear.
  • Once you believe it, you will not only have made an animated avatar (Memoji), iOS will have automatically created a pack of stickers with emotions adapted to the avatar.
  • To send your new stickers on WhatsApp and other messaging applications you need to use the default iOS keyboard. So, if you usually use apps like Gboard or SwiftKey, you should switch to the serial keyboard from the lower left globe: press until it appears.
  • Once you are on the iOS keyboard, click on the Emoji icon, the one to the left of the space bar.
  • Now you just have to move the Emoji icons from right to left: your personalized stickers will appear from the Memoji created.
  • Click on the sticker you want and it will be sent like any other WhatsApp or Telegram sticker: image with transparent background.
Memoji Stickers WhatsappMemoji Stickers Whatsapp The automatically created Memoji stickers are hidden to the left of the Emojis

In this simple way you can create your personalized stickers thanks to the iPhone Memoji. And the best thing is that you have the option of putting together as many Memojis as you want: iOS will automatically create their respective stickers. Then you just have to choose them from the iPhone keyboard to send them.

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