How will it survive the collapse of civilization? Scientists have selected 5 countries that can cope

As scientists point out, the collapse of civilization would be caused, among others, byin. serious financial crisis, the effects of climate change, the destruction of nature, the occurrence of a possible – worse than COVID-19 – pandemic, or a combination of these factors.

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“The loss of population in Poland will be comparable to the Second World War”

New Zealand’s presence on the list does not surprise scientists

To judge which countries would be least affected by such a global catastrophe, they were ranked according to their capacity to produce food for the country’s population, to protect borders from unwanted mass migration, and to maintain the electricity grid and certain production capacity. Among the twenty countries analyzed, islands in temperate climates and mostly sparsely populated regions provided the best conditions to survive a similar crisis.

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Ultimately, scientists identified five places in the world that could hold civilization: it ranked highest New Zealandfollowed by Iceland, Great Britain, Ireland and the island of Tasmania, which is the smallest of the Australian states. Each of these territories is an island with less extreme temperatures and more varied rainfall due to the presence of seas and oceans.

– We were not surprised that New Zealand was on our list – said Prof. Aled Jones from the Global Sustainability Institute in an interview with “The Guardian“The researcher explained that New Zealand’s high position was due to its ability to produce geothermal and hydroelectric energy, the multiplicity of agricultural areas and low population density.

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Banaba IslandThe islanders drew water from the caves until a foreign company destroyed them

For Great Britain, a country that relies mainly on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, scientists already have a less optimistic forecast. They assessed that this dependency posed a risk as these particular energy sources could become “at least partially inoperable” if global supply chains collapsed.

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