How will Suns shooter ideal Landry Shamet fit into Phoenix-NBA-Basketball

Will the Suns’ new aid Landry Shamet’s good performance in the preseason be a flash in the pan?

Last Monday night’s game, people have very high expectations for Shamet personally or the entire Phoenix Suns-the NBA fourth grader replaced the starter in the warm-up game of Devin Booker’s break, and his performance was impressive. Can be ordered. Even if he is unlikely to be placed in the regular starting lineup in the future, the Suns now have his offensive skill pack blessing, which is bound to do a lot.

Since the 2016-17 season, Devin Booker’s brilliant performance has attracted more and more attention in the league, but the Suns have been unable to find a suitable rotation player to fill the vacancy when Booker is not on the court. Only Leoandro Barbosa, Brandon Knight, and rookies Derrick Jones Jr. and Ronnie Price, who had been at their peak for ten years, took turns to replace the Suns.

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Every year since then, the Suns’ guard list has always been unsatisfactory: Troy Daniels, Daniel House, Shaq Harrison, Jamal Crawford, Elie Okobo, Tyler Johnson, Ty Jerome, Cameron Payne, Jevon Carter, Langston Galloway, and even Jimmer Fredette for the Suns In just 65 minutes of playing, as much as 53% of the time was used as a backup shooting guard.

Countless players have tried to hold up the situation when Booker is off the field to catch his breath. This is not to wipe out their efforts. However, the fact is that none of them can stably and efficiently play the role of backup point guard. .

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The Suns need other stable sources of points to allow the team’s best scorer to rest in order to go all out at critical moments, and Landry Shamet just meets the needs of the Suns.

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The Suns and Landry Shamet hit it off: the Suns need to be able to support Booker’s scoring firepower, and as a pure shooting guard, Shamet needs more opportunities to play.

In Brooklyn last season, Shamet played only 43% of his time as a shooting guard, another 10% of his time as a point guard, and 42% of his time as a small forward – and he was only 193 centimeters tall.

However, in his career so far, this is the norm. In the 2018-2019 season, when Shamet was still with the Los Angeles Clippers, 77% of his playing time was as a small forward, while in the Philadelphia 76ers, he only spent 38% of his time as a shooting guard he was familiar with.

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Of course, the team didn’t decide to let him play a small forward casually, but it must be so. Among a series of reasons that Shamet needs to adapt to different positions on the court, the manpower shortage caused by injuries and the small ball tactics that have prevailed in the league in recent years are the main reasons.

Now, Shamet has finally come to a team that can allow him to do what he is good at and increase his efficiency to the highest level. He was finally able to play the stunt of scoring after the screen, or break through the defender with an instantaneous burst of speed-in the past, these abilities were difficult to display when facing players who were taller than him.

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Back in the game where he was in charge of the start that day, we can see that Shamet is beginning to use his skills to create shooting opportunities and connect teammates offensively. Among them, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the first step he took to overtake the defender with his agility and speed. Although this is only a pre-season game, we will definitely see more such performances in the future.

In this “not counting” game, Shamet ended up with 13 points, tied with Jalen Smith for the team’s highest score. Among them, he shot a total of 11 times, hit 5 goals, including 6 three-pointers, 2 of 6 shots, plus 3 assists, 2 rebounds, 2 steals, and only one turnover. He assisted another new member of the Suns, JaVale McGee, for a layup and was also selected for this brilliant goal.

Shamet wearing the Suns No. 14 jersey (the last wearing No. 14 was Chieck Diallo) is a pleasing picture, and we sincerely believe that he will become an important role in the Suns. Although as in the first few seasons of his career, Shamet is unlikely to play as a shooting guard completely, his experience in implementing small ball tactics will give coach Monty Williams even more in the next 82 regular games. Scheduling flexibility.

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In addition, there are veteran players such as Cameron Payne and Elfrid Payton in the lineup. If the Suns put up a lineup with three guards on the field at the same time in the coming season, it doesn’t seem to be too surprising.

With the addition of Shamet, a career shooter with a 39.7% three-point shooting percentage, the Suns are able to develop more different winning formulas. The rest is to test the wisdom of the coaching staff and how to find the most stable rotation to hit the championship again. .

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