How will you do in love? –


20 MAR- 19 APR.: That person to whom you did not give much importance is little by little taking over your thoughts, you will have the opportunity to talk with her, analyze her attitude and realize if it is love or a simple illusion. The absence of a work partner will increase your responsibilities, you will organize yourself well and you will be able to cover everything without complications.

TAURUS horoscope:

20 ABR- 20 MAY.: Your emotions will be on the surface, this will help you express your feelings towards your loved one more directly, both of you will enjoy moments full of romanticism and tenderness. You will listen to a person with more experience than you, his recommendations will help you avoid future mistakes in your work performance.

GEMINI Horoscope:

21 MAY- 21 JUN.: Comments from a person from your past will reach your ears, even if you feel nostalgic and memories come back to your mind, you will avoid bringing up the subject so as not to make the person you love uncomfortable. At work, they will try to impose some ideas on you that you do not agree with, keep your point of view and do not let yourself be influenced.

CANCER Horoscope:

22 JUN- 21 JUL.: You will have the opportunity to talk with that person who is so important to you, you will notice a certain shyness on their part, but over the hours the conversation will become enjoyable and unforgettable. You will have the possibility of undergoing training that will give you new job alternatives, take advantage of it, it will go very well for you.

LEO Horoscope:

22 JUL- 22 AGO.: Your magnetism and sensuality will come out, today you can conquer whoever you want, but avoid abusing this influence, you could create illusions in people who don’t really interest you sentimentally. Do not argue with co-workers because their points of view are different from yours, seek dialogue above all.

VIRGO Horoscope:

23 AGO- 22 SET.: You will feel a rebuff from the person you are interested in, do not go to extremes and wait for the right moment to clarify it, you will understand the reason for their attitude and you will trust again. You will have the possibility of developing a parallel activity to the one you are carrying out, organize yourself well so that you do not fail at all.

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