Hradec Králové started preparations, the newcomer was led by Koubek for the first time

The first-league rookie Hradec Králové started summer preparations for the new season with minimal changes in the staff. “Votroky” at the first training was led by a new coach Miroslav Koubek.

The only summer reinforcement to date trained at the Malšovice Stadium, twenty-year-old defender Štěpán Harazim, who came from the descending Opava. Compared to the spring staff, only the extreme back or midfielder Miloš Vučič was missing. The Montenegrin player’s hosting ended and the club did not exercise his option on him. According to the Hradec Králové website, these are several other acquisitions.

Coach Zdenko Frťala left Hradec Králové for family reasons and will head to Teplice, where he will be the head coach of the youth. Koubek’s implementation team also consists of assistants Stanislav Hejkal and Adrian Rolko. “It’s a rarity that the coach changes after the promotion season, which probably doesn’t happen much anywhere. But we’re looking forward to a new coach, as he’s looking forward to us. We’ll see how it all fits. But we think we all live up to expectations , “ said midfielder Jakub Rada for club television.

Sixty-nine-year-old Koubek shortened the holiday for new wards to 17 days. “He explained to us that we were a newcomer and he wanted us to be well prepared for a higher pace of competition, and that we needed to train a little. Of course we weren’t excited about it, but everyone respects it.” admitted the Council.

In the following season, the East Czechs will play home matches in Mladá Boleslav, where they had asylum at the beginning of 2016/17, due to the unsatisfactory stadium. “Given the possibilities of asylum, it’s probably the most feasible option, so I accepted it with gratitude. I think it’s an ideal stadium for us for asylum,” said the 34-year-old Rada, who had worked in Mladá Boleslav in the past.

Hradec is completing all training in the Czech Republic, the first match will be played on Saturday, June 26, in Opatovice nad Labem against the Bohemians 1905. Coincidentally, with a “Kangaroos” duel, Koubek’s team will start a new season of the highest competition.

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