Hradec Králové – Vítkovice 4: 2, Great turn of Mountfield, Vítkovice fell again

David Taneček, ČTK

Vítkovice lost 0: 6 in Pardubice on Wednesday and did not arrive in Hradec in the best mood. However, it was not visible at all. In fact, not even that the home team had won four matches in a row.

From the beginning, the guests ruled. In the second minute, Fridrich drove alone to the Hradec Králové goal, but Lukeš proved his excellent form. Two minutes later, he succeeded in a similar situation, when matador Svačina rolled over him.

Pardubice won the hit and lead the extra league, Hradec is second after a sensational turn

But even the Hradec Králové goalkeeper could not resist. This was confirmed in other moments. In the eighth minute, Bernovský overtook him with an inconspicuous – but very accurate – shot. Another two minutes later, the home team made a mistake in the pass and Kalus shot after a quick combination into an empty goal, and even the great catcher Lukeš remained helpless.

The favorite was careless not only on the defensive, but also toothless on the offensive. In the first twenty minutes, he had one chance, which Pilař got into. However, it was not a 100% goal. That’s why he failed.

However, the second third was about something else. Hradec Králové started a furious pace, attack after attack rolled onto the away goal. Dolejš still managed the first option, the defender Gaspar, who appeared himself in front of him, did not mature into a goalkeeper. But then came the section where the people of Hradec Králové did not let their opponents out of the zone for perhaps two minutes. For example, Captain Polák already had his teeth visibly full of it, but he could not replace it, he was far from the substitution. Finn Oksanen finished everything and with a blow to the upper corner reduced it.

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The onslaught continued, Koukal and Kelly Klíma did not take the opportunity. In the end, the East Bohemian was helped by a power play – the first in the match. The home team used it in a flash, when after 17 seconds Smoleňák flowed Jergl’s sharp pass with absolute precision. The Vítkovice family rose, but only slightly. Hradec continued to dominate, which was confirmed in the 37th minute by Oksanen’s second hit. The turn was complete at that moment.

From left, goal scorer Ahti Oksanen of Hradec Králové celebrates with teammate Christoph Lalancett.

David Taneček, ČTK

In addition, the third part looked like the second at the beginning. The Eastern Czechs squeezed the juice, went for the fourth goal. They did well, too. Kelly Klíma didn’t have a great chance in the 42nd minute, but the puck bounced towards Jergl, who increased the difference to two goals with a hard shot. The guests were still trying to turn around, leveling the game, but no longer had to compare the score.

14th round of the hockey extra league:
Mountfield Hradec Kralove – HC Vitkovice Rider 4: 2 (0: 2, 3: 0, 1: 0)
Goals and recordings: 25. Oksanen (Cingel, Smoleňák), 27. Smoleňák (Jergl, McCormack), 37. Oksanen (Lalancette, Kevin Klíma), 42. Jergl – 8. Bernovský (Chlán, J. Krejsa), 10. Kalus (R. Bondra). Judges: Jeřábek, Úlehla – Gebauer, Hlavatý. Exclusion: 1: 5. Utilization: 1: 0. Attendance: 3587.
Hradec Králové: Š. Lukeš – Blain, Nedomlel, F. Pavlík, Gaspar, McCormack, Kalina, Šalda – Oksanen, Cingel, Smoleňák – Orsava, Lalancette, Lev – Jergl, Kevin Klíma, Perret – Kelly Klíma, Koukal, Pilař. Coach: T. Martinec.
Vítkovice: Dolejš – R. Polák, Plášil, Gewiese, Galvinš, Machů, P. Koch, L. Kovář – Roberts Bukarts, Marosz, L. Krenželok – Svačina, J. Hruška, Fridrich – M. Kalus, Dej, R. Bondra – J. Krejsa, Chlán, Bernovský. Coach: Holaň.
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