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Mexico City.- The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has announced that one of its priorities will be the fight fuel theft, known as huachicoleoand showed that this week Guanajuato was one of the entities most affected by this phenomenon e He announced that next week he will present a plan to eradicate this scourge.

In its traditional morning conference from the National Palace, López Obrador reported that Pemex fuel theft is estimated at between 50 and 70 million pesos per year and that's why he's proposing this in the strategy Fuel theft is punishable by jail and without bail.

"It is approved and applied, because now those who steal 10 liters will be delivered without bail.It is better to know that there is information in all, because here we will refer to this, because we have to take these measures, because even if you do not yet have a exact figure, it is estimated to be stolen from 50 to 70 billion pesos in the year " López Obrador said from the National Palace.

He said in his strategy the punishment, not only for those who extract the fuel, but also for those who distribute it and also announced sanctions.

"In the case of fuel theft crime, it includes those who extract and distribute the fuel.When we have final approval of the law, we will deliver them and talk about these crimes, essentially," he added.

He explained that the The Secretary of Economics has, in turn, the responsibility to monitor that whole liters and complete kilos are supplied and, therefore, plans to call the service providers to act responsibly.

He said that there is a lot of what the public treasure loses in this fuel theft and these decisions must be taken, but not only will it strengthen the laws, but it will give options, so that young people have a job and there is prosperity.

For this reason, he requested the support of mothers and all Mexicans to guide the young people do not fall into the temptation of crime and thus achieve peace and tranquility.

"I was talking about family support, and I was talking about asking mothers to help us with their children, because mothers are very good, they are full of feeling, mothers who love children a lot, and never a mother will accept that a child commits an unlawful act.For the mothers, children are innocent and think that it is an injustice committed when a child is arrested, a member of the family ".

He recalled that there will be work for all young people and has asked the media to report that fuel theft is about to become a serious crime and this means that they will not be entitled to bail.

"It is very important to inform that it is well known that they will apply more stringent laws for these crimes, it is the same as the crime of corruption, which will not be entitled to bail. bail, it will no longer be possible, the same is the case with fuel theft, "he said.


The Tabasco explained that previously, when the situation of violence was aggravated in the entities that had decided to use the Defense, the Navy and the Federal Police through the agents, however, this will change, because now their strategy has to do with being in a permanent position with a single command.

"The situation in one state and one operation worsened, reinforcing the state.Now, our strategy is that we can have a permanent focus on the territory".

He added: "Therefore, the Territorial Coordinations, obviously, follow the same strategy of attention to the responsibilities of each institution, it is possible that they will continue to operate, but the bases will now be those that deal with the safety of the citizens the territory, every day, with One Command, "he explained.



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