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Huami’s research shows that big data from smart portable devices can help raise awareness about the dynamics of COVID-19

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University studies demonstrate the role of smart wearable devices in the early warning of outbreaks and in the management of public health.

SHENZHEN, China, May 19, 2020 / PRNewswire / –In the last article titledLearning from Large-Scale Wearable Device Data for Predicting Epidemics Trend of COVID-19 (Learning large-scale data from portable devices to estimate the dynamics of the COVID-19 outbreak), published in a special issue[1] of a scientific journal[2], Huami demonstrated the health management capabilities of wearable devices and their essential role in the early warning of disease outbreaks and public health, providing new avenues for establishing a large-scale epidemic surveillance system and helping to improve effectiveness of public health monitoring and forecasting.[3]

This study[4] was supported by Huami Corporation. A forecasting model was established using big data and artificial intelligence algorithms, offering a new method of forecasting trends in the COVID-19 epidemic.

As part of Huami’s privacy and data protection policy, researchers collected data on heart rate, physical activity, sleep and other physiological data related to the above symptoms, using devices smart laptops. The anonymized sensor data of approximately 1.3 million users wearing Huami devices between 1erJuly2017 andon April 8, 2020 were obtained according to appropriate control measures. All users were informed that their anonymized data could potentially be used for university research purposes.[5]

Research has shown that for every 1C increase in human body temperature, heart rate increases by about 8.5 beats per minute.[6] Also, the increased heart rate caused by fever linked to COVID-19 or to flu-like illnesses can serve as the basis of a method for detecting physiological abnormalities.

Huami researchers estimate that criteria for defining an abnormality apply when an individual’s resting heart rate is 1.5 cart above personal average for five days in a row, and sleep duration is at least 0.5 standard cart from the individual average.

The results of the forecasting model analysis show that in the listed cities ofWuhan,Beijing,Shenzhen,HefeiandNanjing, the disease outbreak period was clearly shown on the infection rate forecast curve by the time it reached each city.

If we take the example ofWuhan, the model’s expected infection rate peaked on January 28, while newly confirmed cases in the city rose to nearly 2,000 people on February 7. The peak of the forecast infection rate appears 10 days before the peak officially signaled.

given the time lag between COVID-19 infection and the onset of symptoms and diagnosis, the results derived from the model also correspond to the results of a retrospective study on COVID-19 conducted by the Chinese Center for Pest Control and disease prevention.[7]

More efforts on COVID-19 and health management

In addition to Huami’s academic research, the company continued its efforts to combine technology and health. The company donated RMB 11.5 million worth of medical supplies and devices during the coronavirus outbreak.

Amazfit, Huami’s own brand, is working hard on a transparent N95 facial mask called Amazfit AERI, to further contribute to global health management and the fight against epidemics. The concept has a transparent anti-fog cover and frame. We can see the expression of the user’s face when he wears the mask, which facilitates social distancing and allows to unlock his phone thanks to facial identification. The innovative Amazfit AERI can clean itself and last for several weeks. In April, the avant-garde Amazfit X Smartwatch, with its rounded AMOLED screen and touchless design, was marketed thanks to crowdfunding, allowing users to take advantage of this improved experience.

To fight COVID-19, Huami also partnered with the Chinese National Center for Clinical Research on Respiratory Diseases (NCRCRD) and the Guangdong Nanshan Institute for Medical Innovation, led by Dr. Nanshan Zhong, to set up a joint laboratory for intelligent portable devices. Based on Huami’s intelligent portable technologies and powerful calculation algorithms, the laboratory intends to help people who have recovered from COVID-19 follow and manage their health using the big data platform of the NCRCRD.

[1]Cognitive Modeling of Multimodal Data Intensive Systems for Applications in Nature and Society (COMDICS)

[2]Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society,

[3]Huami portable devices are not medical devices and are therefore not intended to be used for the diagnosis or monitoring of any pathology.

[4]Data availability: the data from the sensors concerned cannot be shared for reasons of user confidentiality. for university purposes, anonymized statistics at regional level can be shared within the framework of an agreement.
Conflicts of interest: the authors declare that there are no conflicts of interest concerning the publication of the article.

[5]Cit after

[6]According to the study on fever and heart rate, L. Faust, K. Feldman, S. M. Mattingly et al.,Deviations from normal bedtimes are associated with short-term increases in resting heart rate, Npj Digital Medicine, flight. 3, n1, pp. 1-9, 2020.

[7]The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM),

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