HUAWEI AppGallery: Find your route through the best applications to get around

Lima is a city of almost 10 million inhabitants. It is larger than Bogotá, Santiago de Chile and even Rio de Janeiro and therefore, mobilize in its streetsWhether from home to the supermarket or returning from your workplace to your home, it implies knowing the main routes in the city and perhaps some shortcuts to get there faster.

However, currently, we have available on our mobile devices a wide variety of tools that help us travel around the city without this being a headache. Then, we present two applications that will help you move around the city without problems and that you can download from AppGallery, the app store Huawei:


Not sure which bus to take? Moovit is the solution. If you need to know the routes of the public transport system, this application will guide you from anywhere to your destination. In addition, it gives you the routes, maps, live navigation and schedules in real time with ease so you can plan your trip with confidence.

Similarly, it gives you step-by-step directions of the optimal route, whether by bus, bicycle, scooter or a combination of them so that you can get to your favorite place as quickly as possible. If you are interested in downloading this application, you can find the app here.


This is another option that makes navigating the city easier, whether you need a taxi, public transport, or drive a private car. This application shows you the possible alternatives when there are delays, the public transport data and the traffic in real time. In addition, if you want to orient yourself better through a real image, you can view it from the application in satellite version. For more information, enter the following link.

AppGallery is located in the Top 3 of application stores around the world and it comes pre-installed on all Huawei devices, such as the HUAWEI P40 Pro or the devices that make up the HUAWEI Y Family. Thus, with a single touch you will have the most popular applications of the moment, such as Zoom and other local ones such as Claro Video, the multiplatform service that offers various films, series and documentaries; o Platanitos, the retail application that sells footwear, electronic accessories, supplies, among others, and improves the user’s shopping experience.

More news

With the goal of bringing the latest technology to more people across the country, Huawei introduced the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro and MateBook 13, ideal tools for telecommuting. It also launched locally the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i, noise-canceling headphones and the HUAWEI Watch Fit, the company’s latest smartwatch.


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