Huawei Cloud Introduces Initiatives to Support Global Developers

In Huawei Connect 2020, Huawei Cloud has announced a series of initiatives that share the goal of supporting global developers, including easy-to-use development tools, technology enablement services, and business support programs for SaaS partners and Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) . Huawei Cloud also unveiled ModelArts 3.0, an up-to-date and comprehensive development platform aimed at accelerating the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in a wide range of industries.

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Companies are leaving the digital age behind to enter the was smart, which has created a huge market space for global developers. For these developers to efficiently build applications and take advantage of market opportunities, cutting-edge technologies, industry knowledge, and development agility are required. Additionally, more channels are also needed to quickly distribute and monetize these applications.

Zheng Yelai, presidente de Huawei Cloudcommented: “Over the past three years, we have made great progress: we have launched more than 210 cloud services and more than 210 solutions, and we have gathered more than 1.5 million developers from around the world. Looking ahead, we strive to become the best platform for building applications. By empowering applications, we strive to become the best cloud platform and most trusted partner for software development in today’s smart world. “

Huawei Cloud provides simplified development tools for the entire process, three types of technology enablement services, and two application distribution platforms for developers around the world.

Tools of simplified development for the whole process: In order to support fully code-based development, and even with little or no code, a general development platform and a number of specific toolkits are provided for different situations. This can increase development efficiency up to 10 times.

Three types of technology enablement services: Huawei Cloud, which is based on the QingTian architecture, offers AI enablement services (ModelArts), application enablement (ROMA) and data enablement (DAYU) to maximize the value of the technology in specific industry scenarios. Huawei Cloud ModelArts provides more than 300 industry knowledge models, while ROMA integrates more than 2,000 industry-specific applications and DAYU offers more than 200 industry-specific general-purpose data asset models.

Two application distribution platforms: Huawei Cloud Marketplace y Huawei AppGallery They facilitate efficient application delivery for global developers, and valuable enterprise support programs offer innovative leading-edge technologies and abundant cloud resources. After just two years of development, Huawei Cloud Marketplace has completed more than 100,000 orders and transactions worth more than 1 billion yuan a year. More than 30 partners have generated sales income of more than 10 million yuan.

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