Huawei could lose the ability to produce smartphones with microSD | Companies | money

Moscow, May 25 – AIF-Moscow.

In the future, Chinese Huawei smartphones could be released without microSD due to the fact that the company was expelled from the SD Association.

According to the Slashgear portal, this will lead to unexpected changes in the structure of the phones themselves. In particular, the internal memory of smartphones can be increased. The media observe that this will require new costs, which will lead to higher prices for Huawei.

May 15, US President Donald Trump signed a decree under which the country begins protecting information and communication infrastructures against foreign threats. In this regard, the US Department of Commerce since May 17 has added Huawei to the blacklist.

Subsequently, Google has deprived Huawei of access to updates of the Android mobile operating system, on which Chinese smartphones work.

On May 21, the US Department of Commerce issued a temporary 90-day license to Huawei, allowing it to resume operations in the country.

The Chinese company said that US sanctions are a "dangerous precedent". Previously, Trump said how to resolve the situation with Huawei.



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