Huawei is not excluded from 5G expansion

Jochen Homann

The head of the Federal Network Agency said in an interview that Huawei is not excluded from the 5G expansion.

(Photo: AP)

DusseldorfJochen Homann withstands the political pressure from the US: In an interview with the "Financial Times" (FT), the head of the Federal Network Agency reassured this Sunday that Huawei would not be excluded from setting up the new 5G mobile network.

US President Donald Trump calls on other states not to participate in the construction of the Shenzhen-based company. He accuses the company of being able to spy on and sabotage its telecom products. However, there is no evidence yet, Huawei always rejects the allegations.

And since there is no evidence, Homann has no qualms about involving the Chinese in the 5G build-up. "The Federal Network Agency has no concrete evidence against Huawei. And we know of no other German institution that has received concrete evidence, "said the Federal Network Agency boss of the FT.

In early March, the agency had already decided how to expand the 5G network. Although it tightened the rules that providers have to subject if they want to participate in the construction in Germany. But already at this time, the President of the Federal Network Agency announced that no company would be excluded flat rate – not network equipment Huawei.

In the US in particular, there are fears that the country might be lagging behind in the technical development of networks. Just a few days ago, Trump said, "The race for 5G is a race America needs to win."

5G stands for the 5th mobile generation, the further development of the already existing standard 4G, also called LTE. The transfer rate is about 100 times faster than with LTE, the transfer is almost in real time. 5G is considered a big step forward in the internet age.

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