Huawei P60 appearance and specifications exposed: there will be a dynamic island screen-

Text: Tony

It has been rumored on the Internet that Huawei’s product launch cycle next year will return to normal, and will launch the flagship phones of the P series and Mate series within one year as usual. Recently, the design and some specifications of the Huawei P60 have been exposed. The most eye-catching thing is that the screen will add a “dynamic island” design like the iPhone 14 Pro.

It can be seen from the renderings that the Huawei P60 will be equipped with a perforated screen. Since there are two lenses in the perforated screen and placed in the upper middle of the screen, it looks a bit like the “Dynamic Island” of the iPhone 14 Pro. “. Comparing the two, the opening of the Huawei P60 is significantly thinner.

The back of the Huawei P60 will retain the “Vientiane double ring” design of the P series mobile phone, and a gold frame will be added to the lower ring to make the design more gorgeous.

In terms of specifications, the Huawei P60 is rumored to be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 4G SoC. The Huawei P series mobile phone, which has always focused on shooting, will use a main lens with a super-large photosensitive element in the P60, and will also add a new 64-megapixel telephoto lens, with Xmage imaging technology and adjustable aperture design. I believe its goal will also be The best camera phone of the year.


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