Huawei plans to introduce a strict smartphone ban – Blog


Smartphone makers have their own vision of a "convenient" GUI for Android, trying to do better than Google. But not all shells are equally affordable, and in Android there's the ability to install any launcher to provide a better user experience and to emphasize one's individuality, the Today reports.

However, not all of them support freedom of expression and change the settings at their discretion. Huawei has officially announced that it intends to block the modification of the graphics shell instead of the exclusive EMUI 9.

In a public statement, the company said it was forced to make such a decision by numerous appeals from smartphone users Huawei and Honor who had problems after the installation of third-party launchers. According to the manufacturer, third-party shells adversely affect smartphone performance: performance decreases, graphic errors appear, and the device overheats due to system load.

This approach is followed by the company Apple, which does not allow you to change the shell of your iOS, considering it the most comfortable and secure.


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