Huawei presents smartphone chip with built-in 5G modem

Huawei Mate20 X

At the Ifa, the Group presented its innovations.

(Photo: AFP)

Berlin Huawei is expanding its selection of self-developed chips under pressure from US sanctions. At the technology fair Ifa in Berlin, the Chinese company presented not only a smartphone processor with built-in modem for the super-fast 5G data radio, but also a small chip for the connection of portable devices such as earphones or computer clocks. A first device with it are the Bluetooth earphones FreeBuds 3, which outwardly lean more strongly on the popular AirPods of Apple than models of other offerers.

Unlike the AirPods, however, the Huawei earphones can filter out ambient noise. From Apple analysts expect the function in the coming year. Huawei also emphasizes that the FreeBuds' Bluetooth connection enables significantly higher data throughput than competing models – and therefore better sound quality for high-quality music files.

The Kirin 990 smartphone processor also says that Huawei is faster and more efficient than, for example, Qualcomm's top-of-the-range Snapdragon 855. Among other things, the integration of the 5G modem directly into the chip system contributes to this. At the Huawei competitors Samsung and Qualcomm Both the main chip (CPU) and the data modem are still housed in two housings.

Huawei is threatened with losing access to Western technology because the US government has blacklisted the company for safety reasons. This allows US companies to do business with Huawei only with a special permit.

That already ensures that the next top smartphone from Huawei only without preinstalled GoogleServices can come onto the market. But even companies from other countries that have business in the US, could be forced by the sanctions, no longer deliver to Huawei. This could also be the British chip developer POOR On whose architecture the chips in practically all today's Smartphones are based, also the Kirin series of Huawei.

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