Technology Huawei smartphones defy the crisis

Huawei smartphones defy the crisis

Chinese company remains optimistic even in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Huawei, the global corona virus pandemic is not becoming a falling demand for smartphones
    , Tablet computers and laptops. “We continue to see strong demand,” Huawei’s chief consumer Richard Yu said at a video conference during the launch of the new P40 range of smartphones.

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Top camera, no Google license

We were able to test the P40 Pro extensively for a week in advance
    . The new flagship models (P40 and P40 Pro) are characterized above all by a powerful camera system, which was again developed together with the German photo specialist Leica. However, the smartphones have to do without Google services and apps, since the United States stopped exporting technology to Huawei in the trade war with China. The new Huawei smartphones now use the open source version of the Android 10 operating system, which does not require Google Mobile Services.

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Facebook & WhatsApp available

Yu emphasized that the development of Huawei’s own mobile services and the provision of programs in the Huawei AppGallery are on the right track. Apps like Facebook and WhatsApp can, as reported
    , for example using a secure link to download the software. Overall, the development means that consumers have more choice. The partnership with Google is still very good. “Google is not responsible for the challenges, but the US government alone.”

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Start of sales

In Austria the P40 Pro costs 999 euros, for the P40 799 euros are due. As part of a pre-order campaign, domestic customers will receive a smartwatch and 50 GB of cloud storage free of charge. The new top smartphones will hit the stores in early May.

Technical data P40 Pro

Technical data P40


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