Huawei: the chief financial officer accused of fraud by the United States


The chief financial officer of the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, arrested Saturday in Canada at the request of the United States, is accused of fraud by the justice of the United States, was learned on Friday during his appearance before a judge in Vancouver.

It is believed that Meng Wanzhou lied to several banks on a branch of Huawei in order to gain access to the Iranian market in violation of US sanctions, according to documents read in a hearing at the Vancouver Court.

Meng would have personally denied to US bankers any direct connection between Huawei and the Skycom company, when in reality "Skycom is Huawei", according to the government lawyer, who opposed his release.

The leader, whose extradition request is for the United States, is accused of "conspiring to defraud various financial institutions", an accusation involving more than 30 years in prison, he said.

The Supreme Court of Vancouver, where the hearing was held before a full moon, initially imposed a ban on publication of the information revealed during the hearing. This prohibition was lifted at the beginning of the hearing.

The arrest on December 1 of Mrs. Meng, 46, a few days after the announcement of a truce in the trade war between Beijing and Washington, angered the Chinese authorities, who immediately demanded his release.


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