Huawei: The Chinese company’s computers are safe: Intel and AMD get license to do business

It’s not all bad news for Huawei this 2020. A barrage of sanctions from the United States has affected its cell phone business, but at least their computers are safe.

Intel and AMD have obtained licenses to continue selling components to the Chinese company, giving a break to its line of computers, the MateBook.

Forrest Norrod, a senior executive at AMD, announced that the company had obtained the license to sell components to Huawei during a Deutsche Bank conference, reported IT Home.

The newspaper China Securities Journal also reported that Intel had obtained permission to sell to Huawei.

This ensures that Huawei maintain the supply of processors and, in the event of Intel, some other components.

On cell phones the story is different

In the case of telephones, the sanctions have caused Huawei reduce your estimated production by 2021 to 50 million, according to Korean suppliers.

Even the Huawei Mate 40, the company’s flagship, could only arrive in 2021, at least in the West.

In a mail to NiusGeek Last week, Huawei stated: “We are still evaluating the long-term impact of this matter, and we are actively seeking solutions to minimize the impact. We will share more details as more information emerges. “


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