Huawei unveils the details of its new operating system for smartphone Harmony OS


HONG KONG (CNN) – Huawei has unveiled its operating system, a move that could help protect the smartphone factory from the growing US-China trade war.

The announcement of the Harmony operating system came months after the Chinese technology company was blacklisted in a US trade that prevented US companies from selling technology and software to Huawei unless it was licensed. The ban prevented companies like Google from providing new Huawei devices with their version of the Android operating system.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, said Friday at a press conference in China to announce the new system that Harmony is completely different from Android and iOS.

Yu announced that Huawei could start using the new operating system on its smartphones at any time, but stressed that the company now gives priority to Android, adding that the company will switch to the new system "when it is not possible to use the Android system owned by Google United States.

According to the company, the new system will be used in Huawei's smart watches and monitors and other devices, where all devices that run the new system can be combined together, emphasizing that the new operating system will be "open source", as well as the Android system.

Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world after Samsung and uses Google's Android operating system, but the US ban in May put an end to the partnership between Google and Huawei.

Google said in May that consumers who already own Huawei smartphones would not be affected much, but the US blacklist limited Huawei to the public version of Android for new devices and therefore cut Google apps and services, including Gmail and Maps. .

Sales of Huawei smartphones on international markets have suffered from US sanctions, but have remained good in China, where most popular Google products are banned and Huawei offers new alternatives. China will therefore "expand its field of application in the world".

The United States claims that Huawei is a national security problem, while the Chinese company denies it.

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