Huawei's new mobile operating system is only partially cooked, putting Huawei in another bad position


Reportedly, Huawei has been working on an internal mobile operating system for some years, apparently called Project Z. It is designed to help Huawei give up using Google's Android without giving up the massive Google app library.

Despite previous rumors suggest that this new operating system would be ready to go in late 2019, it does not seem to be actually the case of Huawei, which is honestly quite a bad news.

Huawei has been working on Project Z since 2012, so for years it has long been thought about this backup plan. But despite nearly 7 years in the past, it is not ready for launch, although this new ban has prompted Huawei to take more time and effort to accelerate development to prepare it sooner rather than later. However, plunging an entire operating system onto the market due to necessity is not part of the recipe for success.

Although Huawei could have this thing ready to go by next week, though, I'm still in an uphill battle. In China the move would make sense, since they don't actually use Google services in their home country. But outside of China, Google and the Play Store are vital components for smartphones, and although Project Z can maintain app compatibility, losing things like YouTube and Google Maps will hurt, regardless of how many alternatives you can offer.

Things are bad and look worse for Huawei. We'll just have to see how they shake.

via: Android Authority

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