Hubble Snaps Clusters of Stars, Images in Red, White, and Blue Colors

SAN FRANCISCO, – Hubble took a picture of a star cluster called NGC 330. Telescope The spacecraft captured images of star clusters shimmering in shades of red, white, and blue.

Stars appear different colors due to differences in temperature and age, with the hottest stars glowing blue and glowing red. There is a huge difference in the temperature range of stars, with the hottest blue having a temperature of over 40,000 kelvins. While red stars can be as low as 2,500k.

At a distance of about 180,000 light years, this star cluster lies within the Small Magellanic Cloud. The Small Megallanic Cloud or SMC is a satellite of the Milky Way, which means it is a smaller companion galaxy orbiting this galaxy.

The SMC is very small compared to the Milky Way and contains hundreds of stars. It is one of a pair of satellite galaxies along with its companion, the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Editor: Dini Listiyani


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