Huge sunspots and dark cores larger than Earth appear

announced Jeddah Astronomical Societyannounced today, Thursday, that it detected large sunspots over the southeastern edge of the sun, with three dark cores larger than Earth merged into a bright magnetic vast area.

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The Astronomical Society added, it is easy to monitor the sunspot, lovers of astronomy and photography, by means of solar telescopes or telescopes equipped with a special filter for the sun or through projection technology.


Sunspots are darker and cooler areas on the surface of the sun, in a region called the photosphere, and the temperature of the photosphere is 5800 degrees Kelvin, while the temperature of sunspots is about 3800 degrees Kelvin, and the spot is dark, unlike the brighter and hotter areas In the photosphere around it, the diameter of the spot may reach 50,000 km.

Causes of sunspots

The sunspot is caused by interactions with the sun’s magnetic field, which are not fully understood, and is somewhat like a soda bottle when it towers, and it can generate a large eruption.

The spot appears above areas of intense magnetic activity, and when this energy is released, solar flares and large storms called coronal mass ejections come out of the sunspot.

Identifying the sunspot helps estimate the risks of a giant solar storm in the future, which is important in space and Earth technology, to determine space weather, such as satellites, communications system, power distribution and aviation.

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