Hugh Jackman boasts of Wolverine’s arm and vaccine

    Everytime that Hugh Jackman rolls up his sleeves is an opportunity to verify that at 53 years old he maintains his wolverine arms. The Australian has not neglected his form and this has been verified in a photograph in which he is seen receiving a new dose of the vaccine against covid-19 in his muscular limb.

    Photography has not gone unnoticed among his followers. “How has the needle not broken?“asked a fan.”Those guns must be illegal“a user on his social network wrote in a comment about the image.”Wolverine is back“added another. “¿Es adamantium?”, questioned another one in reference to the ultra-resistant material of the Marvel character’s claws.

    The Australian actor and singer has on occasion explained his tricks to be in the best physical shape after 50 years. It is one of those that is applied with intensity in the strength training either with deadlifts or with dumbbells, although the exercise that is never lacking in your routines is the work with the rowing machine.

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    The truth is that Hugh Jackman would not have to continue crushing his body because he does not include an action movie among his next projects. The actor of ‘Logan‘ O ‘The Miserables‘prepares to shoot next year a story about him Apostle Paulor, a biopic about motor entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari and a teen drama co-starring with Vanessa Kirby (The Crown).

    However, the artist does not want to lose his good habits, it seems, and can boast of a spectacular arm at 53 years old although he no longer follows the strict diet that allowed him to gain muscle for his role as Wolverine in successive installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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