Hugo de Jonge sung away from reality: ‘I don’t see a dichotomy due to the corona pass, we are just coming together again’

Experts: “Most “infections” take place indoors”
Measure? Stay inside!

Experts: “There are few “infections” in the catering industry.”
Measure? Close the catering industry!

Experts: “Most patients in the ICU are overweight.”
Measure? Only fast food chains are allowed to remain open, all other restaurants must close.

Experts: “Mouth masks offer a form of false safety.”
Measure? Face mask obligation!

Experts: “This PCR test is not a reliable method for detecting “viruses”.”
Measure? Test obligation!

Experts: “We see no difference in infections in countries without a lockdown.”
Measure? Lock down!

Experts: “The immune system is weakened by little contact with bacteria.”
Measure? Disinfect everything!

Experts: “Good ventilation and humidity reduces the risk of infections.”
Measure? Lock up all elderly people inside and keep windows and doors closed. Ventilation is not necessary.

Experts: “Outdoor air strengthens the immune system.”
Measure? Stay indoors as much as possible!

Experts: “Social contacts, touch and pleasure are essential for good health. You cannot transmit the “four rus” through touch.”
Measure? Keep your distance, touching is punishable, pleasant gatherings are prohibited, stay away from the elderly!

Experts: “Exercise is very important to keep the immune system healthy.”
Measure? Gyms closed!

Experts: “The problem is not the virus but the cuts in healthcare.”
Measure? No scaling up of care capacity, because then they will be “bored to death”!

Experts: “You are not ‘contagious’ if you have no complaints.”
Measure? Go into quarantine, even if you don’t have any complaints.

Experts: “We have found agents that are effective in fighting the ‘virus’! An injection is therefore not necessary! In fact, an injection is not allowed if there are active medicines!”
Measure? These drugs are banned. Too little is known about the side effects.

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Experts: “Too little is known about the side effects of new injections. The investigation has not yet been completed, it is not yet safe!”
Measure? Inject as many people as possible.

Experts: “A weaker body may not be able to cope with the immune response to the injection, which could lead to death. Testing has not yet been done on the elderly and the sick.”
Measure? Elderly and sick first!

Experts: “Suspiciously many elderly people die within two weeks after the injection. This must be investigated before we proceed with injecting.”
Measure? This is due to the underlying disease, not the injection. We pick up the pace.

Experts: “Something is not right here, we are not being listened to, what is going on here?”
Measure? Censorship for anyone who criticizes!

The people: “We do not agree with this! We want these experts to be listened to! We protest!”
Measure? Prohibition of demonstrations, extreme police brutality, fines and arrests.


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