"Human error" in the Frankfurt elections

In the state elections in Hessen he arrived in Frankfurt during the count probably serious errors. The voices were wrong or not recorded at all. This reports the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), citing a district electoral committee meeting.

As a result, about a dozen electoral districts have suffered dysfunctions: the results have been reversed, the numbers have turned and the piles of cards have been forgotten. Moreover, in some districts the results were only estimated, leading to differences of several hundred votes compared to the actual result of the elections.

Last week, the city of Frankfurt examined the results of the elections and reconsidered several of the 490 constituencies. The electoral office in Frankfurt would not have announced at the moment how many votes the result has been corrected, but the FAZ expects at least 2000.

Restless breakdown of the computer

According to Hans-Joachim Grochocki, head of the municipal election office, the sense of guilt is the "Wahlweb Hessen" internet-based voting system. The program had been overloaded so much that the monitors would only show "the currently unreachable system".

Therefore, the employees had noticed the results of the polling stations by hand, through the unrest had come to "human error". Completely missing results were estimated based on results in neighboring electoral districts. This practice is common and has been handled in previous elections, said the CEO Regina error.

SPD could be the second strongest force in the country

There should be big changes in other cities and counties, the result of national elections could sometimes be different from what was thought: the SPD could close the narrow 94-vote gap to the Greens and become the second strongest force in the country.

With an SPD as the second strongest force in the nation it could also change coalition options: the FDP had previously established an alliance with the Greens and the SPD with the argument that they do not want to govern under a Prime Minister of the Greens. But if the SPD were the strongest partner, it would also be the prime minister in a traffic light coalition.

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