Human shields in the mountains as IS defend the territory of Baghouz


The battle continues for the control of the small area of ​​the territory in Baghouz, in Syria, still held by the so-called Islamic State.

The final enclave remains under intense bombardment by the allies of the West, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

But the security concerns of hundreds of prisoners, many of them civilians, still in Baghouz are slowing progress to end the fight.

As many people flock, many of those who bear scars of the brutal struggle they endured, thousands of tiny human shields endangered for the sake of the caliphate also appear from the mountains.

The number of people who fought for ISIS is becoming clear as those who fought and those who remained loyal made their way through the mountains to surrender.

But in the sights of those trying to end their struggle, others are still resisting, proving to be difficult to remove.

Even mountains that offer escape offer safe protection from attacks.

Despite the desire to protect the young life and potentially the lives of the hostages held by the IS, the need to proclaim Baghouz remains fundamental.

In recent days, dozens of jihadists and nine SDF fighters have been killed.

The religion armed by the Islamic state and the Syrian democratic forces are using everything in their power to destroy the last fragments of their self-declared caliphate.



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