Human touch from intensive care nurse to coronavirus patients

During the period when the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health were discussed, a method was developed to make intensive care patients feel human warmth in Brazil. It was announced that the method in which the nurses gave the message “You are not alone” to the patients with gloves filled with water was successful.

New type hospitalized in intensive care service in Brazil coronavirus A method was developed to make patients feel human warmth. The coronavirus epidemic requires physical isolation. However, this isolation also creates difficult emotional situations. The Brazilian nurse made her patients feel human warmth with the method she developed.


Indian Express’in newsIn Brazil, where the number of cases and deaths broke records, nurses at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic sought a solution to this deprivation, he said. A photograph of a pair of gloves holding an intensive care patient’s hand and giving him the message “You are not alone” was shared on social media.


The water-filled gloves that cover the patient’s hand represent the “human touch” and hope. There are also those who liken these gloves to the “hand of God”. This photo, which is also a reminder of the sensitivity of the situation we live in, has also been shared on social media thousands of times.


Assoc. Dr. Veysi Çeri drew attention to the support method applied by nurses in Brazil to patients in intensive care from her social media account. He suggested that nurses’ hand holding feeling to patients with water-filled surgeon gloves could even reduce deaths.

Çeri said, “An important reason for the development of delirium in patients in intensive care is that patients remain socially isolated. A nurse in Brazil, who noticed this, gave the patients a hand-holding effect with gloves filled with hot water. I think this practice can even reduce deaths.”


Delirium is a serious disorder of mental abilities. Confusion in consciousness is a temporary condition that manifests itself with trouble concentrating on things, having strange dreams, seeing things around changing shape and location, or meaningless anger, decreased environmental consciousness and confusion.


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